Junior Golf

Do you have a young golfer that is ready to start learning golf? I take a unique approach to teaching golf to young men and women. We start with motions learned in other sports in order to develop the propter motor skills. Until the age of 12, golf specific techniques are much less effective.

Advanced Golf

Is your junior golfer beginning to consider a future in golf? Golf scholarships are readily available to the players willing to put in the work. If you do the work in the classroom, I'll do the work to help you perform on the course. We won't just learn to make a golf swing but to play the game of golf.

Individual Lessons

Are you a weekend warrior looking to improve your game? I offer a unique, easy to understand lesson format and instructional method. I will teach you to use your body properly and create effortless power on consistency.

Health and Fitness

The golf swing is a violent motion and takes a healthy body to execute it efficiently. Advocare is a trusted brand by many tour players and is a great way to supplement a healthy lifestyle in order to optimize golf performance.